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Campaign for a National Park
The Bid

A proposal for a Scottish Borders National Park that works with other regional initiatives to put the region on the world map.

The case for a National Park
in the Scottish Borders

A compelling case can be made for a National Park shaped for the Southern Borders, delivering sustainable economic growth and based on long term stewardship of the unique and treasured rich historic culture and inspiring landscapes of the Borderlands. A National Park that can harness competitive advantage and create jobs while nurturing the Borders natural assets.

A proven way of applying innovation and creativity in cultural and natural landscapes.

National Parks are very appealing to visitors. They are marked on all the maps, visitors from around the world know that the designation signifies beautiful places, great amenities, a wonderful holiday a perfect place to stay to live to grow.

An aerial view of historic Jedburgh with the ruins of Jedburgh Abbey central in the town.

“ National Park designation could help the economy of the whole of the Borders and not only the area which lies within the final boundary.

Malcolm Dickson

“A National Park is both entirely feasible and provides an imaginative but entirely practical means of addressing various pressing needs in the Southern Borders.”

Professor Jane Bower

90% of the public say that National Parks are important to them

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