Where is the heart of Robert The Bruce reputedly buried?

Which Borders town has the largest market square in Scotland?

Which Town in the Scottish Borders is famous for Cashmere?

If you walk from Holy Island to Melrose in whose footsteps would you be following?

Sir Walter Scott lived at Abbotsford near Melrose, but how many books are there in his library?

What type of horse did a Reiver typically ride?

If you were to take part in the Tweedlove Festival, what would you be doing?

In 1545 where did the Scots defeat the English Army in battle?

Which game was invented in the Borders town of Melrose in the 1880's?

Which famous explorer was born in Selkirk?

What two rivers join at ‘The Junction’ fishing beat just outside Kelso?

What is the name of the theatre in Peebles?

Which stately home is the seat of the Duke of Roxburghe?

What is the range of hills which constitutes much of the border between South East Scotland and North East England?

Which ancient, hollow oak tree south of Jedburgh also gives its name to one of the town’s restaurants?

Which Borders town marks the Northern end of the Pennine Way?

The Braw Lad and the Braw Lass are the leading principals of which town’s annual festival?

Foxy Blonde and Game Bird are two brand names of which liquids produced in the Scottish Borders?

What Hawick sportsman plays full back for the Scottish rugby team?

Which town lies furthest north of the following five?

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